About LNO
  • LNO is a gaming community founded in March 2020, aiming to change the situation for female gamers worldwide. We offer a friendly community for anyone who will behave respectfully toward others, and we have developed into a community of inclusion that supports any gamer, not just females.
  • At LNO, many members have been exposed to harassment in many different ways, and this certainly does not make us blind to what has happened in the past and continues to happen daily for many. So we can provide a safe space for females, trans females, males and LGBTQIA gaming community members who, because of their experiences within games, feel that they need it.
  • We have members of all skill levels playing various games. We are focused on providing support and encouragement for everyone, whether they are casual players or want to move into the more hardcore competitive scene.
  • One thing that we all agree on within the community is that we want to do better and make the terms better for all gamers.
  • Our community will always fight for equality, diversity, and respect within the wider gaming community. We ask that all of you who are watching our streams, chatting on twitch and getting involved with our community members on discord operate respectfully and in a friendly way toward one another.
  • Change doesn’t happen overnight, nor has it ever, but taking small steps in the right direction is all that any of us can do, and we will stand beside any organization with the same values, aims and goals as us.
  • Let’s start taking those small steps in the right direction together and support all gamers in being themselves!
Our Manager Team
Nanna ``Nanque`` Falk


Samo ``Tunka`` Kace


Anna ``Jaina`` Schmidt


Saga ``Byström`` Byström


Rikke ``Ninnin`` Jespersen


Simon ``Leegaard`` Leegaard


Our rules
  1. All members must treat others with respect, regardless of whether they are a member of LNO or someone outside of the community. Normal cursing is allowed, but we treat other people with respect.
  2. The reputation of the community is important for us all, so be mindful of how LNO is viewed by those outside of the community and ensure that you uphold the values of the community at all times, which is to be respectful, friendly and supportive.
  3. Any information shared within the LNO community is confidential and must not be shared with any third parties.
  4. Any information regarding personal issues occurring must be shared in an anonymous format with no real names or identifying factors presented, to conserve confidentiality for those affected.
  5. Please use the #tickets channel if you need any help or if you have a suggestion to the attention of the management/moderator team.
  6. Any issues/conflict which occurs within LNO must be brought to the attention of the appropriate manager/moderator.
  7. Do not enter any meeting rooms if they are in use.
  8. Do not enter the streamers voice channels unless requested.
  9. Voice channels which state No Streamers, must not have any members who are live within those channels, to provide voice channels which remain private.
  10. No streamer will be permitted to use the LNO Twitch channel, unless an application has been submitted and approved. 
  11. No member will be permitted to join the teams, unless an application has been submitted and approved.
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