Honorable guilds

Being on this list means the following:

– The guild is against a toxic environment

– The guild is against gender flaming

– The guild is against excluding members because of their gender or sexual orientation

– The guild values players with a positive attitude towards others

– The guild values diversity and respect

– The guild does not approve of sexual harassment towards anyone.

This does not mean the guilds don’t make mistakes. We are all human beings with feelings. But this means they thrive to do their best, to accomplish the values we also have in LNO. This list is a way for you to find a guild, where you can be treated with respect and equality. The guilds are allowed to remove members in their guilds on other terms than listed above. If you have any of the points above broken by a guild on the list, make a ticket on the LNO discord, and we will help to solve the issues that occurred.


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